The investment is distinguished by its architectural design, quite unusual in the reality
of the contemporary building market, by the world famous office K. Ingarden, J. Ewý – Architekci. It provides an excellent frame for apartments, spread over the three floors. The ground floor is occupied by commercial premises with a spacious underground garage arranged underneath, the functionality of which complements the overall programme of the investment.

Finishing standard

The project involves natural materials only. These ecological solutions produce the unique character of the apartments, to be appreciated by the connoisseur of refined style and timeless architectural solutions.

The building’s exterior is characterised by a sense of proportion, taking great care of detail, and also by the highest quality materials. The modern concrete facade is combined with a special supporting construction for the vines that in the near future will enhance the harmony of the place. Floor to ceiling glass walls with improved thermal and acoustic parameters are a characteristic feature, maximizing the amount of light entering while also providing a subtle division of external and internal spaces.

The staircase is made of architectural concrete of a structure dedicated to this investment, made to order, with machined, a tempered glass wall which separates the flights of stairs from corridors. Our future residents will be able to take advantage of the best silent elevators servicing the building from the underground garage to the top floor.

All these advantages, in addition to the fact that the apartments have been designed to the highest client specifications, guarantee the best quality, safety of purchase and future appreciation of the investment.